While in Carnikava, a great way to learn about the local fishing traditions and the life of fishermen throughout history is to visit to the Cēlāji homestead – the location of the Carnikava Local History Center. The main house is a replica of an original, classic 19th century Vidzeme fishing family home which was relocated to the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum in Riga in 1966, where it still stands today.
A recreation zone with a set of swings, a picnic and campfire area has been created next to the center along the Gauja. With prior notice visitors can enjoy delicious campfire-cooked soup or experience a tour along the best sights of Carnikava led by a local guide after visiting the main exhibition.

The Carnikava Local History Center offers two educational programs for children and youth visitors: “Visiting a Carnikava Fisherman” and “Lamprey Hour”. Carnikava is the Kingdom of Lamprey – a symbol, bread-winner and maker of history. This is why in “Lamprey Hour” kids have a chance to learn about lamprey fishing and participate in a workshop, in which they can make a lamprey toy out of cloth and take home a self-crafted souvenir of Carnikava. The “Visiting a Carnikava Fisherman” program offers participants an insight into everyday life of Carnikava fishermen and fishing traditions, as well a chance to practice mending nets, tying knots etc. Both programs are suitable to children of most age groups – kindergarteners, school and even university students. Programs for adult groups are also available for booking.

Our selection of offers will be exciting for visitors of all ages:
•    An exhibition dedicated to the local history of Carnikava region and fishing traditions – free entry and tours on working days and weekends
•    Museum educational programs about the history of fishing for children
•    A wedding ceremony venue and activities for traveling wedding guests
•    Rental premises for lectures, seminars and other events
•    A recreation and campfire area for travelers and hikers
•    Participation in cultural and sporting events of the municipality

The center is open:
Wednesdays     10:00-16:00
Thursdays    10:00-16:00
Fridays         10:00-16:00
Saturdays     11:00-15:00
Sundays       11:00-15:00
Mondays, Tuesdays - Closed

You can also book a visit beforehand by calling +371 29128086 or by contacting the Carnikava municipal tourist information center (at Stacijas iela 5).
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